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Projet WATERProjet WATER

European Conference " WATER "
Wetted lands and environmental services,
pilot project of the Châteauneuf d’Ille et Vilaine marshlands
9th and 10th of december 2010 in Saint Malo


Fauna and Sustainable Development (FSD) and the Hunting Federation of Ille et Vilaine (FDC35) are cooperating to restore and promote Châteauneuf marshlands which are in the "Baie du Mont Saint Michel" Natura 2000 area. This project is part of the larger "W.A.T.E.R." project in the Channel region, which is co-financed by the European Fund for Regional Development.

As part of this project, FSD and FDC35 are pleased to invite their Breton and English partners to join the "WATER" Project’s European Conference, taking place in the congress centre of Saint Malo ("Palais du Grand Large") on the 9th of December 2010. The following morning, guests are invited for a tour of the Châteauneuf marshlands.

Representatives of the European Commission, the Interreg Secretariat and the Brittany Regional Council will address the event.

Speakers from France, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Belgium will explain their projects to develop the social, economic and environmental value of wetted lands. Political decision makers are also invited to present their vision for a sustainable European regional development policy.

This conference is for organisations and individuals who share an interest in the tangible benefits offered by wetted lands, be they marshlands, lakes, rivers, or ponds. These important ecosystems offer valuable services to society. Their sustainable management and use presents many opportunities for the future.

Come to listen, debate, exchange points of view and share experiences.

Fauna and Sustainable Development Chairman