Ecosystèmes Protégés d’Afrique Soudano Sahélienne
Protected Ecosystems in Sudano-sahelian Africa

Since 2005 Fauna and Sustainable Development has worked with W Park in Burkina-Faso as part of the ECOPAS European project.

With the support of EuropeAid, a tourism development project (hunting safaris and wildlife tours) has been designed in W Park. It aims at sustainable wildlife management in the area with direct financial benefits for the local people.

In 2005, FSD sent an expert to assess the management standards of hunting safaris in the Park’s peripheral area and of eco-tourism tours within the Park itself, with the involvement of the local population.

In February 2006, some FSD members decided to go there to experiment. Twenty of them were welcomed to a camping site managed according to the principles of the ECOPAS program and FSD recommendation. These principles focus on the development of ZOVIC (ZOnes Vilageoises d’Interêt Cynégétique – Village Areas with Hunting Potential).

Twelve of the guests tried hunting activities within the rules and the quotas of each ZOVIC. Hunting taxes were directly transferred to the village councils in charge of wildlife management.
Other guests chose wildlife tours and meeting with the local people.
The financial benefits from the activity thus generated are invested in common infrastructures: wells, schools, camping sites maintenance etc.

Subsequently in 2009, FSD contributed to the design and the issuing of wildlife postcards sold for the benefit of W Park.