FSD, responsible hunting and shooting in Europe

Are hunting and shooting tools for rural development? The idea is progressing. It is widely recognized that these activities increasingly bring economic benefits, particularly in areas where intensive farming is less prevalent. Hunting and shooting can contribute to job creation and infrastructure development.

Modern hunting and shooting
Towards recognizing the role of hunting and shooting in rural development, their ethical dimension needs to be discussed openly. Hunting and shooting trigger passionate reactions among those who practice as well as among opponents. It is true that animal killing is not a neutral matter. To be modern and to be an integrated component of the use of territory, hunting and shooting have to take natural balances into account and reduce animal suffering to a minimum.

Hunting and shooting as economic tools
Beyond the revenue generated through the making and selling of equipment, hunting and shooting contribute to the development of tourism activities such as hotel business, retail trade, transport and services. It is not uncommon for old farming premises to be adapted as part of the development of hunting activities. FSD is present all over Europe as well as in Africa for rural development and to allow you to discover new high quality territories.

Hunting, shooting and discovery
FSD intends to be out in the field. We allow public and political decision makers to discover sustainably managed territories with the aims of preserving biodiversity and supporting social and economic development. We already work in France with the Acteon network and in Africa with the ECOPASS programme.

FSD contributes to the reinforcing of the social and economic fabric of rural areas and works with the aim of protecting our environment.


Discovering hunting and shooting

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