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"Wildlife management" training in South Africa

Conférence Faune Sauvage

Conference announcement

Exemple of our 2011 Workshop

Fauna and Sustainable Development supports sustainable wildlife management in Africa. The organization wishes to promote a pragmatic approach taking into account the protection of nature and the need of development for human populations.

FSD organizes for its members, training sessions on wildlife management in national parks and reserves in South Africa. These sessions are intended essentially for people with a professional experience in natural areas management and for students in ecology and biodiversity management.

Ecolife, the FSD partner on site, is a subsidiary of the Wildlife Management Center (WMC) in the Research and Teaching Department of Pretoria University. This Center has been training students since 1965, many of whom contribute to making South Africa a leader in wildlife management and conservation.

During the sessions, the students benefit from the know-how and the experience of the WMC’s training staff. They are actively in contact with rangers, veterinarians and researchers in the field.

In welcoming FSD members, the WMC trainers pass on their knowledge and their passion through theory-based sessions and by accompanying them in the natural parks to follow the animals in their ecosystem.

After the success of a first trial in 2004, Fauna and Sustainable Development offers its members a new opportunity to learn more about wildlife management in South Africa in 2011.


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